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Santa Monica Expert Repairs for Fine Fabrics, Carpets & Leathers

We Take the Time to Help You Understand Our Comprehensive Process

Even if you are extremely careful in preserving the surface of your precious valuables and furnishings by scheduling regular cleaning from a professional home cleaning service, the unfortunate truth is that sometimes accidents happen. If someone or something has torn a hole in your beautiful sofa, or scratched your grandfather’s antique armchair, quickly reach out to us for Santa Monica expert repairs for fine fabrics, carpets, and leathers. Our professionals at FibermarkMTC are ready to breathe new life into your belongings.

Contact us now at (310) 399-2066 if you would like to arrange for a complimentary estimate for any repair project at your home in Santa Monica and beyond.

Comprehensive Options for Repairing Your Fabrics & Carpets

The textiles of your décor, appliances, furnishings, and carpets are beautiful, crucial components of your house. Without these stylish patterned and textured surfaces, your home would look dull and monotone, without any of that unique flair which individualizes your property. The problem is that these amazing aspects can often be fragile as well, susceptible to snags, tears, and even burns.

Even if it looks like your fabrics and carpets are beyond any type of help, reach out to our dedicated experts for support with:

  • Stitching seams that have been loosened, as well as open valences, piping, or trims
  • Repairing any fabric that has been damaged by smoke or fire with an exact replacement
  • Fixing damage caused by rips, scratching, tears, scuffing, or even pet damage
  • Repairing dents, holes, and missing fabric or carpet fibers
  • Re-sewing buttons that have come loose

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Expert Repair of Any Type of Leather

Leather is known for being one of the toughest, most durable forms of materials that could be used to upholster your furniture. If you have dedicated maintenance to clean away dust and dirt that accumulates, you can count on your leather furnishings to last throughout the decades. But what happens if your leather was accidentally harmed by more direct means, accidentally gouged or scratched by a careless guest? Alternatively, perhaps you discovered a gorgeous antique at a yard sale, but it is missing a piece of the cushion, or even an entire part of an arm. You will be relieved to discover that our team at FibermarkMTC are true specialists when it comes to repairing and restoring your leather-covered valuables, whether the damage is minor or major.

Always Turn to Our Professionals

It is never a good idea to attempt to repair your valuable textiles and fabrics on your own. Too often, enthusiastic homeowners try to perform repairs by watching videos online and turning the restoration of their valuable belongings into a DIY project. Inevitably, this attempt almost always results in a far costlier mistake, ruining the priceless item even further. To truly restore your valuables after damage, always reach out to our specialists at FibermarkMTC.

Call us today at (310) 399-2066 or contact us online to have a detailed consultation about your needs for Santa Monica expert repairs for fine fabrics, carpets, and leathers.

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The month of April 2024 Special outdoor upholstery cleaning, any outdoor furniture, and umbrella cleaning will be retreated with fabric protectant at no charge.

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