Dirty Classes For Homeowners, Designers, Showrooms, Hotels and Schools.

Fido christened your carpets while you were out. Your kids found your lipstick and decided to draw you a very special picture; on the back of your new velvet sofa. It rained last night and your fabric walls got very wet. Did anybody in the house know what to do and especially what not to do? For nearly 25 years Fibermark Mark the Carpetbagger (FibermarkMTC) has been presenting Dirty Classes for all of those interested. With nearly 50 years of trusted service, both Joe Goodman and Mark Goodman were cut from the same cloth. Education was paramount in the success of both of their businesses. Joe Goodman was no stranger to teaching. He had taught several classes at the YMCA, wrote industry articles and was always willing to help even other cleaning firms. Awards, articles in the paper about Mark The Carpetbagger, as well as being voted the best cleaner by Los Angeles Magazine back in 1986. Mark had started his own company back in 1986 and that year also shared the spotlight with his dad and Mark The Carpetbagger in the same Los Angeles Magazine. Yes, a little awkward, but people did know I was just a young pup starting to spread my own wings at the time.

Dirty Classes were a very big hit in the 1980’s when Joe brought them to the Pacific Design Center. During weekdays he would give a small Dirty Class in one of the conference rooms and speak to all that would come to listen and learn. He also gave these classes at his plant in Santa Monica also. Showrooms or design firms would bring their employees and spend a few hours looking at pictures, examining fabrics, carpet fibers and learning how to determine types of leathers and suede. He had put together a large board with many different type of fibers, including cottons, linen’s, rayon’s, silks, nylon’s, wool’s and anything else that he could find. He also put together another board of types of carpets and their different final product, such as; berbers, cut loop, hook, needlepoint, braided, flat weaves, dhurries and carousels.

These classes gave a very inside look at how the cleaning community undertakes the cleaning and maintenance of such products. In our experience, not often does anybody really understand and concern themselves with the cleaning and maintaining of what is put into their home. We feel these concerns should be understood prior to installation or at least very soon after.

Dirty Classes are designed to educate the industry from the manufacturer to the home.

Do you own wet /dry vacuum? You should. It could often mean the difference between saving or replacing and they are very simple to use.Did you invest in having your carpets or fabrics treated with a protectant? Should you have? Remember, the next fabric you save could be your own!

Topics often covered:

  • Fibers
  • Leather and Suede’s
  • Carpet and Fabric Protectants
  • Cleaning Methods
  • Maintenance
  • Problem Odors
  • Returning Spots
  • Air System Cleaning
  • Healthy Home Cleaning

People attending are always welcomed and encouraged to bring along a sample fabric or carpet of concern. These items are usually very good discussions among the other guest. I want your dirty secrets and concerns.