Professional Leather Couch Repair Services in Santa Monica

Spot dyeing, full re-dyeing, refinishing, and changing the color of leather can all be accomplished with our professional leather repair services. We can also repair leather damaged by head oils, hand oils, scrapes, and scratches from dogs and cats. Leather which has been urinated upon can all be refinished and the odor made much more tolerable. All of these are accomplished by discussing your particular leather repair needs.

Leach Chair Repair Testimonial 

The designer told me she was sending the chair for new leather. I had begged her not to do this to this beautiful old antique chair. We made a new seat cushion, tacked down all of the leather that was split, chaffing and apart. We had refinished all of the leather to look more uniformed in the wear and then replaced the lower springs and retied the back springs. This chair was a phenomenal Father’s Day gift for her clients husband in San Francisco.


antique chair before leather repair


antique chair after leather repair


antique leather scissor chair before leather repair


antique leather scissor chair after leather repair

Leather Scissor Chair Repair Testimonial

This 1800’s leather scissor chair came to us to repair the original leather. The leather was so dry and rotted, we had to make a new seat. However, the upper back support was just a piece of Mohair fabric which replaced the leather back which had been missing for as long as our client had the chair. We not only replicated the seat with similar leather, but tooled the same design as the previous leather and then antiqued it to look old and worn. We took our work one step farther by making a new back strap to match the seat. The client was absolutely blown away with the work we had done for her, we also had the wood cleaned up on the chair as well. This is a perfect example of the heart we put into our work!

Leather Home Chair Repair Testimonial

This J. Robert Scott chair was in a home office in Beverly Hills. I had to “Promise” she would love our work or I would refuse to take her payment.

Not only did she insist on paying, we also did the matching chair and 9′ sofa right behind the finished chair in the picture to the right. This fading was due to an overhead skylight.

Leather only takes about 450 hours of sunlight to begin its fading process. Collectively, this is not much time at all.

There are window treatments which can cut down on the UV rays. While this does not completely eliminate these, it slows down this process considerably.


antique armchair before leather repair


Leather Chair After
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