Extreme Odor Control & Pet Stains Removal


Many things can cause a major stink, and it’s not pleasant to live (or work) with! Most companies just steam clean it, over-wetting the area and often causing more of a problem. Typical remedies for pet stain removal are products which mask, like cherry, tropical breeze, or peppermint. At Fibermark, we know that the only way to remove the smell is just that–remove it. We have successfully removed skunk, cat, dog, musty, and moldy smells among upholstered fabrics, area rugs, and wall to wall carpets. Over the past 40 years we have seen a lot, as well as smelled a lot. Not all odors are created equally. The animal smells are all part of a larger picture. The animal itself, their diet, medications, and just their overall make-up. Cats in heat are about the worst. When they spray it is very difficult to completely to remove with just pet stain removal. However, with good communication with our clients it is understood we will make odors a lot better, even tolerable and livable. But, sometimes not 100%. Usually in the 90% area consistently.

The actual item which has been affected needs to be considered. Is it worth putting “OUR” time and “YOUR” money into? Can it be replaced for around the same cost of cleaning? Is it a family or personal heirloom, holding fond memories or family worth? We are extremely considerate of our clients’ needs and desires, but we do feel compelled to be honest and upfront about the work we are being asked to perform.

If you have questions or concerns about odor and pet stain removal, please call or bring in the item to our plant and we will discuss what we can do for you. We are known for our above average results.

We are very proud of our stinky achievements!

before and after pet stains removal
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