It is Rocket Science

Over the past 49 years, we have developed and earned a reputation of being the most knowledgeable company when it comes to stain and spot removal.

We come into your home or place of business with a large kit of different alkaline’s, acids, ranging from high PH level to a very low PH level.

By the way, our training is extensive and truly never-ending. We are constantly developing ways of combating new carpets and fabrics that are being constantly introduced.

  • We occasionally attend training seminars, conventions and specific school classes put on by the Carpet and Fabric Institute and the IICRC.
  • Because of our diversity of our clients and their homes, training is top priority and worked on everyday.
  • Our Santa Monica plant is a world of information with the amount of diverse carpets, area rugs and leather that are dropped off literally everyday.
  • Our specialty is the idea of thinking outside and beyond the box. “The easy is boring, but the challenge is what we live for.”
  • Anybody can get out a dirt spot… but what about getting urine out of a leather cushion, which left odor and a stain?
  • How about red wine from a silk-cut velvet sofa, which is basically uncleanable?
  • Once they have all said, ” They can’t”, call FibermarkMTC.
The Art of Spot Removal

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