Fabric Cleaning for Wall Hangings & Coverings


This is a European Tapestry which was on our client’s wall for over 35 years. We very carefully vacuumed the left side of this beautiful wall hanging. The dust over time creates an oily, sooty type film across the fibers of the tapestry. Vacuuming is the most important first step for fabric cleaning. The next step is breaking the dirt’s and oils, then actually finding a way to remove them from the fibers without harming, fraying, or breaking them. We are very patient and work in a precise manner to obtain the results we are always striving towards.

European tapestry before fabric cleaning

Located in Venice CA, this client had installed a framed off-white linen ceiling which was stretched over a frame, then attached to the ceiling. Water damage from a storm caused leaks, creating water stains the size of a small car. We went and obtained a swatch of fabric and brought back to our plant. I climbed onto our roof and found some dirty roof water and let it soak overnight. The following day we spent time figuring out how to remove the staining with our fabric cleaning process. Our test was 100% successful. We went back to the house and proceeded to remove 98% of the water staining. Our client absolutely loves us.

fabric cleaning process for a fabric ceiling