MTC Is on my speed dial. I have worked with them for years and there has NEVER been a stain to entrenched for them to remove.On top of that their service team are as sweet as you would want to know.



We had sent out our rug to be cleaned and it was brought back promptly. Delivery men Ron & John were professional, they moved our furniture and placed it back in the exact same spot. Looks great!

-Christopher G., West Hollywood, CA


Our company, MODERN RESALE, has been using Fibermark for many years. We have never been disappointed in the quality of work or service they provide.

We acquire gently used high end furniture from the best manufacturers, such as B&B Italia, Minotti, Ligne Roset, etc., to be resold to the secondary market. As you can image, we rely heavily on Fibermark on almost weekly basis, to help the upholstered pieces and rugs look new again without jeopardizing the integrity of the materials.

Fibermark is honest, reliable, fair, and really the best in town!

-Marlise S., Santa Clarita, CA


Had a leather ottoman reconditioned and the quality of the work was excellent. I highly recommend them!

-Jeff Bass


I have a number of carpets from around the world which were in dire need of a good cleaning. Mark Goodman examined the carpets, told me what they would need to be restored to excellent condition and did just that. The carpets were probably not this clean when I purchased them. They did an outstanding job and were very accommodating to my move-in timing needs. I recommend them highly.

-Keith Powell


Thanks Mark, for always making our clients happy!” We have been working with Fibermark for many years and have recommended hundreds of people to them for everything from cleaning, stain removal, fabric protection, leather cleaning and repair. We always hear the same thing from our clients….a big resounding THANKS …for connecting them with the best fabric specialists in the city.

-Stacia Vinar, Diva Group


After a wonderful Christmas morning at our house we noticed our brand new couch had not survived all of the kid’s dirty feet! I emailed Mark at FibermarkMTC the day after Christmas and he was quick to return my email and provide the kind words that I was hoping to hear – “the couch is going to be fine” . Mark gave me the simple instructions, and true to his word everything came right out and our fabric returned to it’s perfect appearance. All good news! I would recommend FibermarkMTC to any family who has kids or furniture you wish to preserve.

-La Donna Wertleib


FibermarkMTC has been our carpet and upholstery cleaning company of choice for over 6 years. FibermarkMTC and Mark Goodman in particular, have always been responsive to our needs and ready to help in times of crisis. Mark handles our calls promptly and takes action efficiently. He is most pleasant in his dealings with us and he doesn’t hesitate coming personally to give us an assessment, a proposal and a discussion of steps to be taken on any particular request.Yearly, FibermarkMTC does a complete cleaning of all upholstery, rugs and carpets in our home. At that time, Mark instructs his team about all items to be done and has a foreman on the job. The foreman, in turn, ably supervises the workers present. He also has his air system guy clean all of our furnaces, air conditioners and the inside ducts. This really helps my family with their allergies and makes a difference with the air inside our home. Mark and his office also coordinate incidental repairs, minor antique rug maintenance items, and duct cleaning; and he keeps an inventory and a history of jobs performed. We feel that FibermarkMTC knows our account and manages it most professionally and we expect to continue our client-supplier relationship with Mark Goodman for many years to come.

-Chantal Prunier


Sorry for the delayed response but I wanted to see what the carpet would look like after it had an opportunity to dry and the temporary walking paper was thrown away. My wife and I both feel the same; we’re very pleased with work done and the professionalism with which it was handled. My wife said she would have no hesitation referring your company to others. If and when we need carpet cleaning in the future in the LA/Santa Monica area, your firm will be our first call.

-David Katz


Mark started working for my family at least 10 years. I have been using mark with FibermarkMTC and now with his new company Fibermark Mark the Carpetbagger. I have all white carpets, white furniture and literally have no worries. I am always amazed at the magicians that Mark is always sending to my home.

Dog urine, baby barf and poo seem to always disappear after they do their magic. Mark’s calming voice is always telling me, “I have never let you down and I am not going to start now.” Always hard to believe, but comforting because I know it is true. I would whole heartedly recommend Mark and his fabulous guys to anybody. They have saved my dog and probably my marriage.

-Liz G.


“FibermarkMTC provides superior service for high end clients. I managed a gorgeous Brentwood property and FibermarkMTC performed incredible service to luxury carpets throughout the home for over 3 years. They are personable, flexible, and affordable while maintaining the service expected of an exclusive service.”

-house manager, Brentwood CA


“FibermarkMTC was able to recover a custom made sheepskin rug not once but twice! They miraculously maintained the texture and appearance of the original even when cleaning red wine stains and “mistakes” from our puppy. In addition, their turnaround time and customer service are impeccable and set them apart from other companies in this area. 5 stars!”

-The Smith Family, West Hollywood CA


“Mark is a genuine person who values his customers and their products very highly. I dealt with Mark personally for my home and professionally for property management over the course of four years while living in LA. He and his company provided consistent results with a wonderful maintenance of business relationships. I highly recommend him and his company. The people who work for Mark are equally as dedicated and consistent.

-Kathryn Wecal, Las Vegas, NV


I am an Estate Manager who works with high-profile entertainment clients. I have a heck of a time when my principal’s dogs decide to go to the bathroom and I have 24 hours to get the rugs picked up, cleaned and back in place so nobody notices anything different. I can’t have anything missing from the home. These little demons just always know when to pee and or poop onto the carpets or upholstery to where I give the guys at Fibermark less time then what is normal to turnaround a rug. But they do it! Time and time again, they do not let me down. If i am running to the airport, they come, do the work and return to clean. Their responsiveness, work and they are the most accommodating company ever. They completely work around my schedule. Randy is great, he is the general manager who orchestrates my sometimes impossible requests. Thank you Mark, Randy and all the guys that continue to help me get things done and look great to my principal’s.

-Will Y. – Estate Manager


Mark had two dogs and two boys on his payroll for years to convince me that we really needed FibermarkMTC. Although both groups have moved on, we still need Mark. Maybe it wasn’t the dogs and the boys who were making all the mess….

-Anne H. – Homeowner


Great product. Great guys. Great service. Chihuahua urine doesn’t stand a chance at my house anymore.

-Kirk C. – Homeowner


I have (expensive) white/natural New Zealand wool carpet in my home. FibermarkMTC is the only company I trust to clean it. They do an amazing job. I also used them to clean my office carpet which was very soiled. They made it look like new. You may find cheaper deals out there. However, if quality and dependability are important to you, these are your guys. I highly recommend them.

-Diane C. – Homeowner / Business owner


I work for a 50,000+ square foot estate in the Los Angeles area and have been lucky enough to have been introduced to Mark and his team at Fibermark. He is my favorite kind of vendor, quiet as a mouse and I wouldn’t even know they were in the home if not for seeing their incredible work. FibermarkMTC and their team of very skilled professionals not only give the best service, I am never in need for anything from them, they come hell or high water and get out stains that would make a grown man cry, but their prices are very fair considering the worth of the items they are being asked o work on or save depending on the issue. You know you are in very good hand when working with Mark because his level of work is of the highest caliber and he cares so genuinely that his client is not just satisfied, but happy and there is a big difference between the two. Thank you Mark and your wonderful team!

-Courtney- Private Residence


I have used Fibermark for years and have always been amazed by the miracles they have performed! Rugs I had long written off came back to me in great shape. The staff is friendly and reliable. Highly recommend.

-Lainie Sorkin Becky