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When you need to deep clean the carpets in your home or office, trust FibermarkMTC to handle the work. We offer professional carpet cleaning in Santa Monica, CA, and will work to thoroughly remove dirt and stains from your flooring using our three-step cleaning process. To start, our team will spot clean your surfaces with more than a dozen different cleaning chemicals to remove deep stains and messes. We will then shampoo your carpets to help break up dirt and oils that can get trapped in the fibers of your floors. Once we complete your carpet shampooing, our team will steam clean your surfaces to rinse away any remaining dirt, ensuring your carpet looks its best.


Finally, as an added benefit, our team will groom the carpet at no extra charge and layout paper to walk on while the surface dries. By following such an in-depth process, our team is able to ensure that your carpets stay cleaner longer. Contact us to learn more about our cleaning services or to schedule a visit from our team.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica

Portable and Truck-Mounted Cleaning Systems

When our cleaners come to your home or office, they will be equipped with either our truck-mounted cleaning system or with portable steam cleaners. While the truck-mounted system is more powerful than our portable equipment, that does not mean it is always the right choice for every job. For example, the truck-mounted system is not usable on large multi-floor buildings, and your neighbors may not appreciate the elevated noise of the truck’s motor running. That is why when performing our professional carpet cleaning; we use a mix of both portable and truck-mounted systems depending on the needs of your particular job.


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