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We are the most thorough and detailed professional carpet cleaning company you will ever find.

Here’s why: Most carpet cleaning companies pre-spray, set up the truck mount and they are in and out as quick as possible. But we always spot first (we have over 12 chemicals in the kit, which we bring into your home or office!). We then shampoo, which is almost never done by other companies (the machine is expensive and it doubles the amount of time for the job). But shampooing is what breaks up dirt and oils in traffic areas. A lot like washing your own head of hair, your fingers are scrubbing and breaking the dirt’s and oils. This allows the steam cleaner to remove more of what has been broken up and be used more as a rinse, removing more of the dirt’s and oils. This leaves your carpets much cleaner and lets them stay cleaner longer.

After cleaning, we always groom the carpet at no extra charge, and roll out paper to walk on while it is drying. Blocks and squares are placed underneath all furniture moved in the process.

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Truck mount vs. portable steam cleaner?

No question, the truck mount has more power, hotter water and more suction. BUT, it does not mean a better job. It essentially comes down to the technician performing the job. Care and integrity of the technician will always do a better job, regardless of the equipment. In a lot of instances circumstances will not allow you to have a truck mount; upper floors of a building, parking, commercial buildings, water hook-up and neighbors may not enjoy the ongoing truck motor of the truck mount. Portables are just as good. All self contained, very versatile and personable. All of our men are trained with both, but most of them enjoy the portables over the truck mounts. Truck mounts can breakdown in the middle of the job, over heat and there is the issue with the dumping of the dirty water. In the beginning my fathers company used truck mounts, but over time decided the men were working too fast and not as detailed as we would have liked. Then for the next 20 years used all portables, in conjunction with the pre spotting, shampooing, then the steam cleaning. Now, we have both. Depending on your particular job, location, types of carpets and fabrics all play into how the technician performing your work will decide which is best for you. Some clients and jobs have been done with both types of equipment and our results are usually equal.

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